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BLACK BARTLETT Tuxedo by Jean Yves

BLACK BARTLETT Tuxedo by Jean Yves
BLACK BARTLETT Tuxedo by Jean Yves
Brand: Jean Yves
Product Code: PMJY-BBNC
Availability: In Stock
Price: $149.99

Modern Fit Tropical Worsted Wool, 30.5" Coat Lenght, 2-button front, Self Notch with Satin Trim on collar & lapel, Single-breasted, Self Flap pockets, Side vented.  Matching Black trousers, flat front,Satin beadedside stripe. Shirt, White, 1/4" pleated front, microfiber, and wing collar. Vest, Black self with Satin trim,3 button fullback. Bow tie, Mercury, vertical 2 1/2 inch bow.

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